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Optical Coating
    Publish time 2020-07-28 23:10    
They are higher efficiency coating on glass for the spectral regions 400-700nm, 600-900nm and 850-1500nm. Different coating has different roles. The 400-700 nm coating is suitable to use as visible applications; the middle one and the last one are much better to use with diode lasers. In order to increase angular sensitivity, the normal incidence or 45 degree incidence must be taken into considerations.
Mloptic BBAR coating also includes other wave range, ie: Visiable AR coating 450-900nm, 450nm-650nm, 1064nm and 1200-1700nm etc



0 Degrees: <0.5% per surface

45 Degrees: <1 per surface

Design Angle of Incidence

0 deg or 45 deg