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Material Information
Sapphire single crystal has high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. Small expansion and shrinkage coefficient, outstanding thermal stability, with unique resistance to high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion and high dielectric properties. High transmittance over a wide spectral range (250-5500nm). Widely used in the production of various shapes and specifications of high-power laser Windows, infrared Windows, multi-spectral Windows, missile hoods, peregrine rod mirror, optical lenses, medical surgical blades and other high-tech fields.

Sapphire guide block applied to skin care and beauty, the effect is excellent. Sapphire material contact with human skin, no dyeing, no odor, no erosion, through infrared light, good thermal conductivity, skin heat uniform, no burns, giving a soft, quiet and comfortable feeling.
Fused Silica & Quartz
The optical properties of quartz are unique. It can penetrate both the far ultraviolet spectrum and all the ultraviolet materials better, as well as the visible and near infrared spectrum. Customers can choose from the range of 185-3500m band according to their needs. Quartz glass is an essential optical material for high stability optical system in various bad situations because of its high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, good chemical thermal stability, bubble, stripe, uniformity and birefringence.
Optical glass
With high quality quartz sand as the main material. Add the trimmings properly. Due to their high refractive index, low dispersion and good chemical stability, rare earths can be used to produce optical glass for advanced cameras, video cameras, telescopes and other advanced optical instruments. For example, lanthanum glass with excellent optical properties containing lao360% and b2O340 % of boron oxide is an indispensable optical material in the manufacture of advanced camera lenses and periscope lenses. In addition, some rare earth elements can be used to produce radiation-proof glass.
Quartz crystal
Quartz crystal has low strain birefringence, homogeneous refractive index, low thermal expansion coefficient and also excellent mechanical and chemical performance and piezoelectric property. Quartz crystal grid, window and prism are widely used in electro precision optics, laser, pressure sensor and particle processing system in biochemistry applications. Light guide are mainly used in aesthetic devices.
With features of high strength, corrosion resistance, good transmission in 1.5um-5um wavelength range, and good damage resistance in high power, mono-crystal silicon are widely used as epitaxial substrate in SIC fields.
Germanium has high refraction index, very good material for infrared windows, lenses and prisms in thermal imaging systems, image tracking, infrared forward vision and night vision devices.