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Quartz crystal

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 Quartz Crystal Transmission 

Quartz Crystal Properties 

Quartz crystal has low strain birefringence, homogeneous refractive index, low thermal expansion coefficient and also excellent mechanical and chemical performance and piezoelectric property. Quartz crystal grid, window and prism are widely used in electro precision optics, laser, pressure sensor and particle processing system in biochemistry applications. Light guide are mainly used in aesthetic devices.


Transmission Range

0.150-4.0um and 50-1000um

Refractive Index

no=1.5350, ne=1.5438@1um

Refractive Loss




Melting Point


Molecular Weight


Thermal Conductivity

C: 7.97x10-6/°C; C: 13.37x10-6/°C

Mohs Hardness


Young’s Modulus

C: 97; C: 76.5 GPa @25°C

Shear Modulus

44 GPa

Bulk Modulus

98 GPa

Rupture Modulus

41 GPa

Dielectric Constant

C: 4.27 @30 MHz @25°C; C: 4.34

Solubility in Water


Type of Material

Single crystal, synthetic

Crystal Structure

Trigonal, point group 32 a=4.9138Åc=5.4052Å

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